Group Coaching Workshop

Planning CLUB is one of our most popular group business coaching programmes, designed to help guide you through the process of creating a great business plan more easily and effectively than ever.Arrive at our business planning workshop one day, and walk out with a complete business plan as well as new insight into entrepreneurship when you leave. This interactive workshop is the perfect setting for dialogue, brainstorming and strategy development alongside other entrepreneurs and experienced business coaches, so you’ll leave armed with the tools you need to take your business idea to the next level.

You’ll also receive a professional business planning document to give you what you need to continue driving progress after the workshop, covering 19 essential aspects of business ownership:
  • The Business at a Glance
  • USP, Mission, Success Factors, and Capital Requirements
  • History
  • Products and Services
  • Structure
  • Success Factors
  • SWOT
  • Goals, Milestones and Strategies
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Management
  • Pricing
  • The Competitive Landscape
  • Financial Plan
  • 5 Year Income Statement
  • 5 Year Annual Balance Sheet
  • 5 Year Cash Flow
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic
  • Strategies for Improvement