The Mind Power Event was a huge success!!

MR M Dongo in Action…

On 28 March 2019, Mr M Dongo and the BNC group successfully hosted the Mind Power Event at Edge by Ella in Bellevill , Cape Town. On this event Mr M Dongo touched the most important part of our lives that actually affect almost everything that we do on our day in – day out lives. He talked more about how we can use our mind for success and how can our mind work more on our failures. He also talked about that our mind is and i quote “a  garden with rich fertile soil that can not select what seed are you planting in it. If you plant failure, it will grow abundantly as well as if you plant success also it will grow abundantly…. choose what you feed your mind with today and see the results….,”

Our Mc Miss Emily made a wonderful comment  we she said , and i quote “everyone is a millionaire but what differs is the type of a millionaire are you, either of excuses or a millionaire of Cash…” which is a very important point. We need to start making money than excuses and see if we will not going to make it in life.

The event ended up with a beautiful photoshoot