Meeting Mr J.D was the greatest thing ever

Three years ago probably end Feb 2016, I was so  broke to an extent that I was very ready to leave my dream and go and was more than ready for a job at the expense of my dreams. The job I knew very well that I would never stay there because of my bossness. In the afternoon of that day, I got up early and  did all the preparations and went to print my CVs and made sure that I had enough. I walked to Center Point in Milnerton from Joe Slovo. Yes I walked because there was no money for taxi or bus fare. I tried my luck but there was nothing there for me.

I decided to go to Century City to continue with my job hunting and happen to be in Ocean Basket restaurant by that time Mr J.D who I can confidently call my brother, my mentor and my friend by then was the general manager of that branch. How I prayed that he find mercy on me and at least just give me a Job, but well the day wasn’t mine on the job issue.

Luckily, sometimes in life you do not need a job to feel good, either you need money but you need someone who knows how to unlock people’s potential. My Brother J. B set down with me and I was now smiling thinking that he is going to ask me about my availability to start working yet he was busy pressing the buttons.  He showed me that being white and being a foreigner  is the hardest part of life in today’s world especially in a place called Cape Town. That saying only completely shut all the hopes in job seeking. He continued to tell me that if he could employ me at the restaurant, I was supposed to work a 10:00 to 10:00 shift which was completely not an option for me. He further encouraged me that I might or must rather consider looking for job internship but the fact that it was a job really did not do well for me.

After this meeting, I am telling you that I was freaked; I was geared up for change, so motivated for starting something new for my life. I was ready to start following my dream of not being bossed by any boss. I went and start businesses and what a wow, they are all booming everyday.  I never forgot the words of my brother J.D. they kept me going.

Late last year 2018, I decided to look for the contacts of Mr J.D. I didn’t even know his name but I went to the staff of Ocean Basket and one of them gave me his number. I stayed for about two weeks with them before I sent him a message. One day I did send him a long message mid night and luckily J.D read the message early in the morning and I felt connected to him while reading. I picked confidence there and there and boom an appointment was set.  For real the statement I always say to my audience was fulfilled again “Meeting J.D was the greatest thing ever”. For real I told J.D what happened in the past 3 years, he couldn’t believe that I took that much action from our conversation. Ooh J.D the song I sing everyday.

Now I hope to work with J.D not at Ocean Basket for he no longer manage that branch but is now the boss of bosses. Oh now watch and learn for we will be climbing up higher every day without ceasing. We will be uniting this beautiful rain ball nation together.

My message to Mr J.D, “My brother, thank you so much for opening my eyes. Now that I have you as my backup, I promise you that I will do my very best to keep you proud of me. You will be so proud of who you are and who you made me to be my brother” Thank you so much and may our Good Lord keep you safe and keep on motivating other young people.


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